Sydney, Australia based artist, writer, producer.


Feiloka, a made-up nickname in her teenage years, reflects the long time musical passion of the Sydney, Australia based artist. From learning keys at age 5 to playing in the high school band, and writing and producing originals, the fire never went out.

An indie-folk style pop singer-songwriter with a fondness for storytelling, she loves unravelling to pensiveness. Her influences include Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Anaïs Mitchell, Laura Marling and Feist.

In 2018, working with Michelle Barry as her mixing engineer, she self-released debut EP Eventide. It is a raw, honest reflection on her experiences and coming to terms with them. The SoundFly community calls it “a deep dive through your emotions”. It caught the attention of FM99.3, where she interviewed with John Regan. Later she was invited to play at The Newsagency as part of Sydney Fringe Festival 2018, as well as New Beginnings Festival, a celebration of cultural diversity in Sydney hosted by SSI. Feiloka released her debut single, A Fine Night, shortly after. 

As a survivor of complex trauma and abuse, music-making became her act of empowerment, self-expression, freedom and resilience. Her music isn’t afraid of vulnerability, coming directly from the heart of a survivor. It fuels her to be an honest songwriter, and to respect and remember our collective humanity. She hopes that through music, we can stand in solidarity, heal together and eliminate the prejudices that segregate and divide us still.

She is a strong advocate for mental health, survivors of domestic violence and child abuse. She is excited about incorporating music into her healing journey and is currently working on Tarot Songs Podcast. Check it out here!

Right now, Feiloka is hard at work in her studio, creating for the podcast and penning new songs for her upcoming project: xSASHHA. Stay tuned!

‘Eventide’ is available on all major music streaming platforms. You can purchase limited physical editions here.

I must confess, I was in the back of a van cruising through the Arizona desert, heading home from a six-week tour, when I first heard these songs. Sometimes it isn’t always whether a song is perfectly produced, written, or performed that makes an indelible impact on the listener, but rather their surroundings that link them to a tune forever. “Shed My Skin” really hit me, hard. It is beautifully sung and performed, deeply pensive, and written truly from the heart. Just when I pulled myself together after a few spins, “Lifeboat” played and knocked me right back out. Incredible songwriting.

Mahea Lee, SoundFly Mentor

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